The man that hath no music in himself, Nor is not moved with the concord of sweet sounds, is fit for treasons, stratagems and spoils.

-William Shakespeare

Monday, October 10, 2011

Playin' Catch Up

What's up. after two 8 hour drives in 3 days to and from Martha's Vineyard for the weekend, its time to update everybody. Here we go, news, events, and tracks from the music world that you need to know about.

Justice. Props to Squires for picking up on this right when I did. To suppliment his post I've got some great news and a preview of every song on the album for you haters. Supposed to come out October 24th, pre-order it on itunes or beatport now. It's gonna be sick. This preview should be all that you need to realize that. To repeat that, this is the whole album in one track. major gold find.

Skrillex. Just got word from his twitter feed that his new album (you know the one that got stolen by some douche, and he reconstructed it from scratch in 4 months, yeah that one), is set to release by the END OF THE MONTH, or he hinted that he might release it for FREE if he can't meet that deadline. Been waiting on this one for a long time. Here's a treat he's been playing at live shows lately.

Aight heres some new tracks you haven't heard and should definitly add to that wild playlist I know u got going in Itunes.

1. Pitbull remixed by Afrojack. Not what you were expecting, sounds like Avicii as opposed to his typical tracks. This ones a banger for your DJ sets and right around midnight on the weekend parties.

2. Kids at the Bar have been cranking out some bomb remixes of all genres in Electronic. This one would have been girl fire, except for the MASSIVE DROP at 0:58. Blow your clothes off massive. This ones a keeper.

3. This ones an oldie (relatively) but you need to drop this. Place goes absolutely buckwild everytime. Kap Slap and 3LAU, two of the best in the game going hard. Turbulence blasting away at your brain while the lyrics make you dance your face off. Here we go.

Aight, so heres whats on my agenda of people to see, places to go in the next few months. First up, Dancegiving (Wolfgang and Porter Robinson) then Fall Massive in DC. Dubstep all day. Then in October, Aviici and Armin Van Buuren at Glow in DC, they're gonna be huuuuuuge. Unfortunately I found out abou skrillex and 12th planet late, and missed tickets. Ah well, theres plenty of good shit coming up, check out whats in your are and see for yourself. All this doesn't even compare to a live show, so please pay these guys some support and show up for the time of your life.

Thats all for now,

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  1. I must say that Rain Over Me (Laidback Luke Remix and Hot Hot Love (Kids At The Bar Remix) are just awesome. I just love to hear that songs.