The man that hath no music in himself, Nor is not moved with the concord of sweet sounds, is fit for treasons, stratagems and spoils.

-William Shakespeare

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

#SmokersClubTour2(Part 1)- Curren$y and the JETS

Whatup whatup whatup. Looks like the Haterade is aching for some new content and I, like the messiah himself, shall give unto thee. This weekend I made the trip down to NYC from Syracuse to visit my man @SPCverified and hit up the Smokers Club Tour at Best Buy Theatre. I wrote a post earlier giving some details about the show so hit that up if you want more info on the lineup and tour dates. Watered Down Haterade: The Smokers Club Tour and More Curren$y:

I'm no professional, but I am a connoisseur of the $pitta, The JETLife, and all things Wu-Tang so this show was like a smorgasbord. Unfortunately I didn't get there in time to see the opening acts from recent Don Cannon mixtape collaborator Fiend(International Jones). So check this out if you're looking for a taste.

From what I heard he killed it and did some songs with CornerBoyP who also had his own set. The Pricks to be honest, I know nothing about, but check them out here: I got there right around the time the first big name was going on, lucky right? Big K.R.I.T. is one of my favorite new artists in the hip-hop game right now. He's an interesting personality as he's an indie-blog favorite (Pitchfork) especially, where his album Return To 4Eva was rated an 8.2 and best new music (check the link). He's collaborated on songs with other southern boys like T.I., Chamillionare, and Ludacris did a single with Wiz Khalifa and had a chart-topping banger of his own, Country Shit. They call his style swamp-rap, like Goodie Mob or UGK, and his Mississippi southern style is unmistakable. 

KRIT did all of his anthems including Country Shit and Moon & Stars which both killed. The crowd was into it and you could tell that this was a hardcore group of fans, no casual observers here. KRIT performs with a ton of good energy and was even a little reminiscent of the Method Man himself.

$pitta, just chillin' at home.
$pitta and DZA on the couch.

Now, when comparing the two (almost equally billed) headliners there was no clear cut star of the show for me. They both have very different performance styles, flows, sets, DJ's, entourages, etc which all contributed to the vibe. Curren$y prefers a relaxed, almost extemporaneous performance style that's laid back and includes a lot of his favorite verses done acapella (to check up on your "cool"). He loves when fans fill in his lines for him. $pitta's opening was a little uncharacteristic though, if it's based on past performances I've seen (which would be six now) it was way different. Probably because of his broken leg, Curren$y devised a clever way to maintain his "cool", stay off his leg and still put on a great show. I've genuinely never seen the curtain actually go down before $pitta came on.

As you can tell he spared no expense making sure that his surroundings matched the lifestyle he has become so well known for. Pictures of his favorite things like corvettes and JETS logos adorned the wall of his makeshift living room where he chilled on the couch and still killed it. Bringing the couch to the people is so authentic to Curren$y he could have done that even without the broken leg and his fans would have loved it. I love the way he transitions from one song to the next effortlessly maintaing a smooth flow throughout the whole show. He hit a whole roster of favorites including the new hit from Weekend at Burnie's- #Jetsgo. Luckily I caught the action on my new iPhone (HD baby!).

$pitta made sure to hit all the sweet spots doing songs off Pilot Talk like King Kong and Breakfast. Now one of the things I love about a $pitta show is his group of friends and roster of JETS International artists including Trademark Da Skydiver, Young Roddy, and Street Wiz. Usually sometime in the middle of his set he'll bring out his boys for a song or two together and then let them do their thing.  My favorite songs of the night were done when Trade and Roddy were on stage. They killed hits like Roasted, Flight Briefing, and Still. 

$pitta also did a bunch of songs with Smoke DZA though to be honest I'm not even sure which songs they did together.

Overall this portion of concert alone was totally worth the $50 to my new friend from craigslist. When I get a chance tomorrow I'll put up a post on Meth's half of the show. The Curren$y show is definitely unlike any other, and for those of us that think we know what to expect at this point, there's always a surprise or two.


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