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-William Shakespeare

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Curren$y- Ways to Kill Em (Prod. by Drama)

So a few of you out there might know that Curren$y the Hot $pitta aka $pitta aka $pit Vicious is probably my favorite rap artist in the game right now.

$pitta grew up in the N.O. skateboarding and chasing muscle cars, he planned on a career writing or in fashion but found himself down with Wayne's YMCM crew early in his career. This short but memorable union left us with some of my favorite tracks from either artist, like the chill classic Diamonds n Girls.

  Lil Wayne ft. Curren$y- diamonds n girls
 After an amicable split for creative reasons $pitta has gone on to a celebrated mixtape career releasing 7 tapes in 7 months with classics upon classics and hidden gems galore. He released his first "albums" on amalgamdigital, an independent distribution label, including This Ain't No Mixtape and The Jet Files. His first actual label found him for a stint with Dame Dash's "modern day hippie" media collective, DD172, where I was fortunate enough to intern for a summer and meet the man himself. The dude loooves his buds but he's real down to earth and genuinely rhymes about things he knows and loves although is not afraid to switch up sound, style and collaborators. Pairing $pitta with Ski Beatz, the prominent 90's DJ who produced Dash's former partner Jay-Z's seminal album Reasonable Doubt, produced some of his better work, the Pilot Talk series. The sound wasn't much of a departure for $pit but the featured tracks were killer and it found him a new level of exposure. The albums were still mellow, low-key, and fairly trippy and introspective.

 Personally I love his jazzy sounds but my favorite tracks are the upbeat bangers he'll do every once n a while with Monsta Beatz or Wiz Khalifa or just when the mood strikes him. In his latest move the Hot $pitta has finally gotten down with a major label, having decided it was time and the environment was suitable to his creative liking. His first move was to pair with well known producer The Alchemist to produce the Covert Coup EP to celebrate his move to Warner Records. The record was good, but similar. His first major label album was Weekend at Burnie's an ill record with classic production by Monsta Beatz that showed $pitta at his best. Next up are big things for the man who always has something in the works including Pilot Talk 3, The Muscle Car Chronicles and hopefully a Mixtape with Wiz Khalifa and Big Sean. One of the most promising projects in the works is a new Mixtape entitled Verde Terrace with production by the infamous DJ Drama. If this first track is any indication it's set to be a banger! I think pairing $pitta's laconic, laid-back rhymes with Drama's complex, layered beats. This might be the Mixtape I always wanted Smokee Robinson produced by Don Cannon to be, the big name producer tape that pulls $pit out of his comfort zone a bit. Now check out this slick new track off Verde Terrace.

  Curren$y- Ways to Kill Em (Prod. by Drama)

He's been picking up a load of great blog and mainstream coverage these days and with an all-star roster of fans and collaborators, dude is set for big things ahead.

 AGL J.E.T.S.- Just Enjoy This Shit

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