The man that hath no music in himself, Nor is not moved with the concord of sweet sounds, is fit for treasons, stratagems and spoils.

-William Shakespeare

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Jacob Es--In The City

Whatup Gang.....

As promised we got the new Jacob Es track and it does not disappoint.

This guys material just keeps getting better and better.  For this track Jake samples The Lovin' Spoonfuls- Summer in the City it's one hell of a beat. The track is lyrical and well structured with the Spoonful's serving as a pseudo chorus. According to Jake the sample was "something my pops showed me" 

Were starting to see a distinct style emerge from our friend, Es...gotta be that boarding school education 

Jacob Es- In the City

One of Es' first tracks ever. Deadmau5 spit....Not an easy thing to do
Jacob Es - Raise Your Weapon [Prod. By Deadmau5] by My Name Is Eustace

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