The man that hath no music in himself, Nor is not moved with the concord of sweet sounds, is fit for treasons, stratagems and spoils.

-William Shakespeare

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Long post is Loooooooooong

I've been on a hiatus lately from posting, and theres no excuse for that. But I do come bringing gifts. Here's my personal picks for the week. I'm bringing old, new, and just plain cool to your music library this week. This is Chris' Picx part 2. Enjoy.

First up, a new twist on a golden oldie by Boston, Long Time. Anger Dimas and Static Revenger to thank for this amazing track.

Next. A great track that gives you everything to like about Wolfgang Gartner in one song. Created by a guy who goes by the name Prototype Raptor (, this is one to immediately add to your library.

Dowload here:

Everyone knows the name if not the music of Jefferson Airplane, especially this song. With that in mind, I stumbled upon this yesterday on soundcloud. Its filthy sounding dubstep. Completely not what I was expecting. Wild.

Download here:

Next is a rare thing from me, a preview of a track. I usually wait until the full song is released, but I can't this time, its too good already not to know about it. Real chill remix by Minnesota, one of the few that can create dubstep that lowers your pulse instead of making you go crazy. Great work once again. Loving the vocals on this one.

The first mash-up of this post, and its a doozie. Combining Calvin Harris and Arty for a soft house track that is greta for driving or just chillin out. Here ya go, its called Feels so Close to Kate.

Next mash-up needs no explination. Knife Party, Skrillex, Feed Me. Yeah. Have Fun.

Watch the Throne came out, sold out and now we're onto the stage of remixing tracks from the album. Usually rap and dubstep don't go well together, heres one that does. Great mixing by Voodoo Farm, just enough to change the song but keep the integrity of what it was before.


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