The man that hath no music in himself, Nor is not moved with the concord of sweet sounds, is fit for treasons, stratagems and spoils.

-William Shakespeare

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Hey Young World

Young world, young world, the world is yours...

Some might remember this line from Scarface, others might remember it from the Slick Rick Classic Hey Young World. Either's a prolific thought.

I'm excited to finally be sharing some of my thoughts somewhere. As PR major and grizzled social media vet, I've always thought, "What's the point of putting content out there if no one is going to read it?" I want the all the results without the work. Well times change, and it's high time I start unloading some of my thoughts for the all the internet to marvel at and exclaim excitedly, "Oh where have you been all my life?!"

I like kicks, chicks, clothes, and most of all good music. I plan to write about all of the above.

Here's the Nas remake of Slick's classic track to get us started and give ya'll an idea of where I'm at.

Nas Ft. Slick Rick- Hey Young World


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