The man that hath no music in himself, Nor is not moved with the concord of sweet sounds, is fit for treasons, stratagems and spoils.

-William Shakespeare

Friday, September 16, 2011


Morning Haters,
Been lookin at the blog and Ive noticed that there's not any dubstep. That changes right now. A lot of people love hard hitting bass music, but its rare that you find really good dubstep that you can listen to over and over. So without further adieu, here's your fixing of bass music for the weekend. I'll be doing one big post a week with varying topics to suit your musical needs.

This is Chris' Picx part 1: Dubstep.

Ya gotta love floyd, and now everyone can.

old Feed Me off his first EP, full retard level drop, this ones a keeper.

Alright, this is gold for your ears, even if you dont like dubstep you'll love this. PapapapapaPUMPITUP!

Benni Benassi isnt my favorite but this, this is amazing, great hook and heavy drop but not some much that u cant listen to it. Remixing at its best. Those of you that went to Ultra will recognize it.

Alright here are two songs from a guy who guys by the name of Fytch. I think he's spanish or something. Anyway, this guys been doing great remixes for a few months. I'm putting up his soundcloud tracks because they're the best versions. UNfortunately, no free downloads off those so I'll include link below them for download.

Guetta, I know he's a sellout, bear with me here. Still a dope song, But he mashes it with everyone's favorite detroit white rapper and an amazing drop. This is a keeper.

Here's round 2 of Fytch, great vocals with a drop thats been used before but works great as always.


If you havent seen The Boondock Saints, go watch it. Right now. Then download this song, and feel like a boss womping out to quotes by the brothers. Adventure Club <3. Those crazy canadiens.

More adventure Club, beware this is heavy. Excision heavy. Use good speakers. You have been warned.

Final song for this post. And its a big one. Initially I didn't know what to think of this one, but it grows on you by god. Its by 5&Dime, who I usually dont like, but he did take two incredibly different songs and turn em into a banger. This drop is wild. Blow your speakers out wild. Skrillex + Deadmau5 = Party? Yessir.


That's all for now. Dubstepping my way into the weekend. Cya.

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