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-William Shakespeare

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Spotlight: RAC Remixes

What's up gang....

food safety is finally over...rejoice! Tonight I am going to do a spotlight on a group that I have been following since I heard their mix of Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zero's- Home (find below).

"RAC" or "Remix Artist Collective" was started up by Andre Allen Anjos, who started producing in Portugal. He lives in the States now (Oregon) and is involved with a wide variety of different media outlets. He has done soundtrack producing for Entourage on HBO, advertisements for Coca Cola and the NBA and he also did the soundtrack for "Holy Rollers" with Jesse Eisenberg (movie about Hasidic Jew drug dealers...ballin). The part that I love most about his work however (guesses?) is his music. RAC's style is tough to describe. He mainly does remixes (although it says on his website he does write his own songs), and he does a great job of sticking with the original feeling of the song, while adding his own distinguishable flavor. You really will just have to listen for yourself.

My top picks:

1. Home (RAC Mix)- Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zero's
2. Rescue Song (RAC Mix)- Mr. Little Jeans
3. Sweet Disposition (RAC Mix)- The Temper Trap
                            (These ^3^ probably all tie for first place)
4. Something Good Can Work (RAC Mix)- Two Door Cinema Club
5. Use Somebody (RAC Mix)- Kings of Leon

Please do not limit yourself to listening to my picks. They're all great tracks.


RAC Portfolio by RAC

PS...Most of these tracks can be downloaded for FREE in the usual Soundcloud fashion.

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