The man that hath no music in himself, Nor is not moved with the concord of sweet sounds, is fit for treasons, stratagems and spoils.

-William Shakespeare

Friday, September 16, 2011

Evening Hip-Hop

So for tonight's post I'm going to try and mix it up a little bit with some new songs, along with some older ones. bear with me....

The following is a track/artist that I have been diggin all summer, I bet it'll get your foot tapping.

"Das Racist is an American rap group based in BrooklynNew York City, composed of Queens-born Himanshu Suri (aka Heems), and San Francisco-born Victor Vazquez (aka Kool A.D.), joined by hype man Ashok Kondabolu (aka Dap) for live performances and in music videos. Known for their use of humor, obscure references, and unconventional style, Das Racist has been both dismissed as joke rap and hailed as an urgent new voice in rap."

The first song I'm going to post by these guys samples Billy Joel's song "Movin' Out (Anthony's Song)"

It is called:

Das Racist- You Oughta Know (w/DL link)

You Oughta Know by dasracist

Bonus Song DL: Go Hahahaha- Das Racist vs. Cults
Go Hahahaha (Das Racist vs Cults) by Atom Smasher!

Ok, so I am not sure what category those two songs fell into (old or new or what), but regardless I'm still goin to post these next two tracks. I found these songs my freshman year of college on Hypem and it turns out the producer Teddy Roxpin, is a good friend of our own, Timothy Zielinski. Teddy's a pretty classic producer, his work reminds me of DJ Premiere or 9th Wonder. Anyway he hooked up with the Boston rapper Praverb the Wyse for these two tracks and boy do they compliment each other well.
For your listening pleasure...

Praverb the Wyse- Blessed With a Gift (Prod. Teddy Roxpin)  DL
^^this song is tough to find. There is no available preview, either via youtube or soundcloud...just fucking download it pussy

Heres the second track
Praverb the Wyse- Ultimate Ability (Prod. Teddy Roxpin)

Praverb - Ultimate Ability (prod. by Teddy Roxpin) by PraverbTheWyse

So there are four pretty killer tracks for you. I do not want to overwhelm so I am going to leave you with this upbeat gem from Xperience and Mackelmore. It's called:

Xperience Ft. Macklemore- Crew Cuts (Jake One Remix) 
Crew Cuts (Jake One Remix) by 44james
The DL is on the soundcloud player. Its the arrow pointing down (duh!)



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