The man that hath no music in himself, Nor is not moved with the concord of sweet sounds, is fit for treasons, stratagems and spoils.

-William Shakespeare

Friday, September 16, 2011


Good Morning Boi's and Girls! Got a couple songs here that should be just peachy to wake up too.  I had a relatively easy time getting up this morning, so I am PUMPED. but for all you out there who need a little boost here you go!

This is a new track from one of my favorite (non-hip hop) artists:

Florence + The Machine-Shake it Out (off her sophomoric album "Ceremonials" which is due to drop at the end of October. This will have to do for now!  DL Link after Soundcloud....

Florence + The Machine - Shake It Out by ListenBeforeYouBuy

DL LINK: Florence + The Machine-- Shake it Out

Heres a banger from my dude up at UVM. Mr. James Ridgely Esq. They have been rocking out to this shit in their sweaters up there.

Bingo Players- Cry (Just a Little) (Original Mix):

Bingo Players - Cry (Just A Little) (Original Mix) by Bingo Players

Download--- Bingo Players-- Cry (Just a Little) (Original Mix)

So I mentioned that I got my old music library back! Very exciting. Sigur Ros was one of my top played artists throughout high school and they are truly amazing. First I must say that they created their own language (or dialect if you will) called Hopelandic. It is described as a mixture of "nonsense" syllables. They do this on purpose and actually leave their album booklets pages blank so that listeners can write down their own interpretation.

This video is hauntingly beautiful:

Sigur Ros- Vaka (Untitled #1):

Here is another Untitled track from Sigur Ros with a little bit of a different feel.

Sigur Ros- Untitled #8 (Popplagio)

Sigur Rós - Untitled #8 (a.k.a. popplagið / the pop song) by sigur rós

And last but NOT least, heres a relatviely new mashup from the industries best: White Panda (seeing them live with mac miller and jacob es-----UVM Fallfest).
They do a decent job of mashing up Kanye West Ft. T-Pain- Good life with M83- Midnight City (personal fave) (DL Link for mashup on Soundcloud player)

Midnight Life by whitepandamusic


PS....check in later for some hip hop. shit i bet you never heard

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