The man that hath no music in himself, Nor is not moved with the concord of sweet sounds, is fit for treasons, stratagems and spoils.

-William Shakespeare

Wednesday, November 2, 2011



Been a minute huh? Things are getting busy here in 'Cuse, November is crunch time. November is also Movember, so fellas remember to start growing your mustaches out to support prostate cancer Mustache Month.

Besides that I got a chance to see a free show last night put on by University Union, the live events division of our student government. A few years ago they started the Bandersnatch series in an effort to bring more indie/underground acts to Cuse. Last night was part of the Noisy College Tour and featured Kreayshawn and Neon Indian. I LOVE Neon Indian, like one of my all time favorites since I heard their first single Deadbeat Summer a few years ago. The band is led by Alan Palomo and they're a sort of chillwave inspired poppy-yet not too upbeat-kinda electro outfit. I'll post more on that later.

This post is about the rap phenom/anomaly/former drug dealer/pink mustang owner/craigslist pimp/most hated chick in music besides Rebecca Black....Kreayshawn. There's a lot of differing opinion being thrown around about this chick. What I do know is she was lucky enough to grace the cover of Complex and she doesn't look half bad (if you're into that). Seeing her live I gotta say, she's kinda sexy (in her own hoodrat sorta way). Check out the article for an in-depth look at Kreay: Kreayshawn: About to Blow?

Her performance was decent at best, I was actually planning on missing it. The way the concert was billed it looked like she was the headliner, which made no sense at all, so I showed up early to see Neon Indian and was planning on leaving before her set. But alas, after a brief DJ set Kreay just kinda jumped out on stage and started going at it bringing with her Vanessa "V-Nasty", another member of her group White Girl Mob. The audio was not mixed well, either that or they were purposely trying to drown her out. When you could hear her voice it sounded shrill and it was usually lost under the beat. There were probably like five white girls who were really really feeling it and maybe a handful of other fans. The only time there was even remotely any enthusiasm was when she did her hit Gucci Gucci. Check out the video...note the Uggs haha.

Now I can't just hate on the chick. If you listen to the lyrics she's actually got a pretty decent flow but her live game needs a lot of work. She didn't interact with the crowd enough, seemed a little awkward in between songs and didn't really have a great rapport going on with her DJ. Overall what made Kreay a success was her viral video. I think she needs to find an element of what made that so popular and bring it to her live show. Apparently she inked a recording deal with nine numbers in it so she's not going anywhere anytime soon. She's got the right hook and she's got a good angle, now she needs to solidify her fan base and really tune up her live show. Maybe release a mixtape with a famous DJ or get some solid collaborations going on. 

Post more on the rest of the show and Neon Indian's awesome set later. In the meantime I would check out the live video, see what you think, then let me know in the comments. PEACE.


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